Curriculum Vitae

Amy Meckler, CI




Certificate of Interpretation, September, 1997

Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Alexandria, VA



           New York City Department of Education

           Staff Interpreter

          October 2016-Present

  • Interpret for faculty, staff, parents and other stakeholders in the nation's most culturally and linguistically diverse public school system.

Freelance Sign Language Interpreter, New York, NY

           January 1994-Present

  • Interpret between English and American Sign Language in a variety of settings, including educational, medical, video relay, platform and vocational.

  • Teach basic and advanced skills to new interpreters and interpreting students, provide feedback and set goals for improvement through mentoring programs.

  • Lead workshops, serve on committees, publish papers and present at regional conferences on topics pertinent to the interpreting and Deaf communities.

         Interpreter Educator, New York, NY
             September 2002 – Present
  • Developed curriculum for “Whatchamacallit and Thingamajig: English Expansion for Interpreters,” a professional development workshop for Sign Language interpreters.

  • Collected and organized materials and resources on high-register English, dialects of American English and techniques for fluid English production by interpreters.

  • Present workshop to groups of working interpreters, using a variety of materials and technologies to create an interactive, group-focused educational experience.

Workshop presented for:

NeRID Fall conference, 2015

Region I conference, 2012

Sign Talk, New York, 2009

Sign Language Resources, Fishkill, NY, 2009

Arkansas RID, 2006

Sorenson Communications, 2005

                           Region V convention, 2004

Rhode Island RID, 2004

New Jersey RID, 2004

Illinois RID Biennial Fall convention, 2004

New York City Metro RID, 2003 and 2004

  • Developed curriculum for “So to Speak: Interpreting Figurative Speech,” a professional development workshop for Sign Language interpreters.

  • Collected and organized materials and resources on figurative and idiomatic English and American Sign Language, and techniques for fluid figurative speech and sign production by interpreters.

Workshop presented for:

PCRID conference, Columbia, MD, 2012

Sign Language Resources, Fishkill, NY, 2012

Long Island RID, Long Island, NY, 2012

  • Developed curriculum for "Beyond Ethics: The Rules. Our Values. Our Vision," a professional development workshop for Sign Language interpreters.

  • Researched and wrote a presentation on the history of ethical directives in the profession, which introduces a new paradigm for making ethical decisions as interpreters.

                        Workshop presented for:

                         New York City Department of Education, 2017

                NeRID Fall conference, 2015

                         New York City Metro RID, March, 2014


             LaGuardia Community College, Queens, NY
             Staff Interpreter and Assistant
               January 1997-February 1998
  • Interpreted meetings, phone calls and conferences for the acting director of an academic and vocational program for Deaf adults.

  • Wrote reports and compiled statistics in compliance with federal and state grants’ protocols.



Hunter College, CUNY, New York, NY

Master of Fine Arts, May 2001, Creative Writing, Poetry.

University of Wisconsin - Madison

Bachelor of Arts, August 1993, Major: Women Studies, Minor: Theater.



American Mensa Ltd., admitted 2015


Poetry Collection:

What All the Sleeping Is For, Defined Providence Press, 2003


Who Tolls the Bell: The Power of Speaking in Veronica Golos’ A Bell Buried Deep,” Big City Lit, Spring 2004

Professional paper:

"Beyond Ethics: Rules versus Values for Sign Language Interpreters,", June 2014

What Is Your Ethical Responsibility,” with Mark Morrison, Views, January 1999

Short Story:

Loss Prevention,” Revolving Floor, December 2009.

Individual Poems:

“Surrender Dorothy,” Alyss, Forthcoming

“The Virgin Asks What Sex Is Like,” Cider Press Review, Vol. 16

“Rescue Dog, Retired,” Brooklyn Review, 2012

“Tic-Tac-Toe-Playing Chicken, Retired,” “The Chicken”, “Eurydice

              Follows, Revolving Floor, August-November 2009

The Rejection, “Aere Perennius,” Cider Press Review, Volume 11

“This Is Living,” Women. Period., Spinster Inc, 2009

“The Dream that Woke the Woman,” Zeek

“First Funeral,” Whiskey Island, Spring 2006

“Thirteen Facts about Paul,” Margie, Fall 2005

“Semiotics for My Father,” Lyric Poetry Review, Spring 2005

The Myth of the Grim Reaper,” “What I Know of the Story,” Big City


The Myth of the Broken Heart,” Manhattan Literary Review, Fall 2003

Her Young Death, Loose in You,” Big City Lit, Fall 2003

“To Thomas Hardy,” Atlanta Review, Fall 2002

“Slipping Glimpser,” Rattapallax, Spring 2002

“Eden,” “Bridge Half Gone,” “Regret,” Olivetree Review, Spring 2000

To My Father on My Birthday,” “What Keeps Me Awake,” “On the #7

              “The Man on the F Train,” Portland Review, Fall 1997

How to Love a Woman,” Island Lifestyle Magazine, January 1993


© 2013 by Amy Meckler

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